Open Meeting Agenda

Los Angeles Regional Adult Education Consortium (LARAEC) Project Information Background

The California Legislature has committed funds to Assembly Bill 86 regional consortia of K-12 and community college districts to collaborate regionally to develop plans for expanding and improving adult education services by creating linkages between the two educational systems. Regional collaboration provides capacity for the K-12 and community college adult education programs to find common ground and cross historical geographic and cultural boundaries to provide seamless transitions for students.

Program Areas

The AB86 grant provides planning and implementation funds to regional consortia to improve the delivery of adult education and address existing gaps in programs and services in five program areas:

  1. Elementary and secondary basic skills including classes required for a high school diploma or high school equivalency certificate
  2. Classes and courses for immigrants eligible for educational services in citizenship, ESL, and workforce preparation classes in basic skills
  3. Education programs for adults with disabilities
  4. Short-term career technical education programs with high employment potential
  5. Programs for apprentices

Consortium Objectives

Grant funds will allow LARAEC to accomplish the following objectives for each of the five program areas:

  1. Evaluation of current levels and types of adult education programs
  2. Evaluation of current needs for adult education programs
  3. Plans to integrate existing programs and create seamless transitions into postsecondary education or the workforce
  4. Plans to address the gapsLos Angeles Regional Adult Education Consortium
  5. Plans to employ approaches proven to accelerate student progress
  6. Plans to collaborate in professional development
  7. Plans to leverage existing regional structures

LARAEC Members

  • Burbank Unified School District
  • Culver City Unified School District
  • Los Angeles Unified School District
  • Montebello Unified School District
  • Los Angeles Community College District

LARAEC’s Vision

“LARAEC will sustain, expand and improve adult education. It will create seamless programs and pathways to workforce and higher education that are regionally relevant, efficient, comprehensive, and that leverage community resources through a structured and collaborative interagency approach. Programs will be student centered, data driven and focused on best practices. Students will gain 21st century skills; meet their employment, academic and civic goals; and contribute to the economic vitality of the Los Angeles Region.”

LARAEC Funding

Source: California Assembly Bill 86
Grant Amount: $1,751,663
Performance Period: March 5, 2014 – June 30, 2015